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Aim High

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Head Coach

Steve Whitley

By becoming part of our club your child is entering a sporting world rich in fun and friendship. The great thing about
the sport is that it takes a swimmer to understand another swimmer’s joy in winning, or their disappointment when
things have gone against them. That’s because only swimmers are aware of the hard work that they and their teammates
have put into their training to maintain that unique condition known as water fitness. Swimming is a sport like
no other – it depends very much on the “feel” of the water and the “physical conditioning” needed, in order to retain
that feel in the water.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you progress to your full potential as a Jets swimmer.

Harriers 1 & 2

Both Harrier 1 and 2 are our two Learn to swim stages of the club. This normally covers Swim England Levels 1-7 and
which are divided into progressive stages. They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary
school aged children.
They are designed to develop the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.
HARRIER 1 has four separate stages that they must complete in order to progress to the next group and HARRIER 2
has two stages they must complete before progressing on to HARRIER 3.

Please do not worry if your child stays in these stages for a long period of time as it does not necessary mean they
are not progressing it is just that there is high degree of aquatic skill needed to pass each stage.

Harriers 3

A fun atmosphere introducing basic elements of competitive swimming. This squad is about improving skills,
techniques and overall athletic development from H2
Swimmers prepare for the exciting challenges of competing regularly. Regular attendance is essential.
In this squad, swimmers focus on:
• Improving strokes and skills in all four strokes
• Developing endurance with good technique
• Practicing Race pace technique as part of training plan
• Developing race starts and race turns
• Training for Individual Medley as a way of developing all round ability
• Racing other Club swimmers in Development Level meets across the swim season

Preparing for Competition

Many people just enjoy swimming and the fitness benefit this brings. Club swimming however is largely about
competition. That is where the principal fun and excitement lies. Swimmers at Harrier 3 Level and above can be
selected to swim for the club at team galas and compete as individuals at Open Meets, County and National
competitions subject to attaining qualification entry times. Details of forthcoming competitions and team selections
are accessible through the website.

Regular time-trials and test sets are run to check on progress. The swimmers themselves should always be aware of
their personal best times (PBs). These performance times will improve rapidly in the early stages as the swimmers
grow and develop correct techniques. There are standards of competition available to suit all levels of ability, ranging
from inter club, Development Meets or Middlesex County Your group Coach will always know what they should be
aiming for and will see that they get the necessary advice and guidance.

Performance Silver

This squad is about advancing skills, techniques and overall athletic development with an emphasis on progressing
endurance and stamina. Swimmers will be expected to regularly enter competitive swimming events. Swimmers
must attend a minimum of three sessions per week
Swimmers must be able to:
• Swim all four strokes efficiently at race pace
• Show Potential for County Qualifying Times on at least one stroke/distance
• Complete legal starts and turns on all strokes
• Swim 10x 100M Freestyle on 2:00 in training
• Swim 10 x 50M Kick on 1:30 in training
• Good skills on all four strokes, race starts and race turns
• Endurance and stamina progression
• Competitively swim 100M and 200M on all strokes and 400M Freestyle in a Swim Season
• Compete in at least four meets per season
• Use pace Clock effectively in training to time and work out appropriate rest intervals.

Performance Gold

Our top squad has a continued emphasis on physical conditioning with the focus on maintaining high volume
workloads but with increasing intensity. The number of competitions is usually targeted throughout the season
which is divided into two cycles of training and competition. Swimmers must attend a minimum of four sessions per
Swimmers must be able to:
• Swim all four strokes efficiently at various race paces with at least one event at County Standard
• Swim 10x 100M Freestyle in training on 1:45 or faster
• Swim 10 x 50M Freestyle Kick in training on 1:15
• Good skills on race starts and race turns
• Endurance and stamina progression
• Train repetitions on targeted Race Pace through high intensity interval training
• Participate in regular land based sessions to supplement pool work