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Your online payslips can be accessed in the Payslip Documentation section above. If the document tab is red, you have no payslip yet, however once it turns blue, you have a new payslip. To open your payslip click on any data in the relevant row.

For pay queries before 05 February 2020, please contact finance@hounslowjets.org.

User ID Number

Your User ID Number will be included on your payslip to match the system records.

Your user ID number is: u206009

Email Address

Your payslip will be sent to this email.

Your email: william.bent@hounslowjets.org

What Is On My Payslip?

Your payslip will have your User ID, email address and your total rewards statement. Your pay is calculated by the StaffAdmin ESS roster connected to your account.

How Is My Pay Calculated?

Your pay is calculated by the total number of hours completed in total up until the 1st of the Month. The pay will also depend on the working calendar you have been shifted on. Different role will indicate different pay.

Staff Connect calculate pay via Staff Connect ShiftViewer added hours. Please contact finance for more information regarding pay services.