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27/04/2022 – Please read the most recent SWIM Notice. All teachers / coaches must ensure their names are placed at the top of each group attendance page.

23/04/2022 – Please check your rosters are correct before Friday 29th April.

22/04/2022 – We have recently had some issues where meet hosts are unable to process meet entries provided as SD3 files from Swim Manager. So far these have all been because the host club is using a very old version of Meet Manager to run their meet (Version 4) which will not import SD3 files.
To solve this we’ve now added the ability to provide an HY3 file. The default will still be an SD3 file, but if you click the drop-down arrow on the Download Entry File button, there’s an option to download an HY3 entry file.

If you require any additional help on this site, please raise a ticket via the IT Service Portal.

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