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Many people just enjoy swimming and the fitness benefit this brings. Club swimming however is largely about competition. That is where the principal fun and excitement lies. Swimmers can be selected to swim for the club at team galas and compete as individuals at Open Meets, County and National competitions subject to attaining qualification entry times. Selection for team events is determined by the Chief Coach. Details of forthcoming competitions and team selections are accessible through the website and database.

Regular time-trials are run to check on progress. The swimmers themselves should always be aware of their personal best times (PBs). These performance times will improve rapidly in the early stages as the swimmers grow and develop correct techniques. Log books are issued at the commencement of your swimming journey in order to record of your personal best times. These are given free of charge to all new swimmers that join the Jets. There are standards of competition available to suit all levels of ability, ranging from inter club, Development Meets  or Middlesex County  Your Club Coach will always know what you should be aiming for and will see that you get the necessary guidance and entry forms.

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Competition Nutrition Tips

The day before

When competition time comes around, you’ll have plenty on your mind already. So the day before the event, keep exercise to a minimum- if anything at all and eat meals high in complex carbohydrates. You need to keep those glycogen stores topped up.

Drink fluids little and often – every two to four hours to keep your blood sugar levels steady and fuel your muscles in preparation for your event.

Avoid big meals or over eating in the evening- this will almost certainly make you feel uncomfortable and lethargic the next day.

The morning of the event

Do not swim on empty. Even if you feel nervous, make breakfast happen. Stick to easily digested foods – cereal with milk, porridge, banana with yogurt, some fruit or toast with jam.

If you’re really struggling, try liquid meals such as milkshake, yoghurt drinks or a smoothie. Its good idea to rehearse your competition meal routine into your training so you know exactly what agrees with you.

Snacks between races.

Try to eat as soon as possible after your swim to give yourself as long as possible to recover if you have to swim again. High fat and simple sugars will do you no favours in competition- instead search out complex carbohydrates again.

If you still can’t stomach anything solid try sports drinks or diluted juice that will help you replenish your energy supplies and assist the recovery of aching muscles. The list below offers great food options to be snacking on in an around training for competition. Remember to keep eating healthy foods from your regular diet though, such as fresh vegetables, nuts and fruits. Here are some more you can try:

Pasta salad

Sandwiches, e.g. chicken or tuna

Bananas, grapes, plums, pears

Dried fruit e.g. raisins, apricots or dates

Strawberry and Banana smoothies ect.