Tips & Checklist

Hounslow Jets Swimming Club

Your First Gala – What to Expect

Upon arrival, parents may have to pay a spectator entrance fee which will also include program for the days events.

At the beginning of an event (normally during warm up) clubs are given some time to withdraw swimmers without being penalised. Therefore, if you are unable to attend or are running late please let us know as not only will you have paid for a race you did not swim, Hounslow Jets will also be fined for the no-show, which will then be passed on to the swimmer.

It is also worth noting that during each event there will be a number of heats and swimmers will be seeded based on their entry time, not their age. At the end of the event, the swimmers will be classified in their respective age group based on the time that they achieved in their heat. All events will be operated on a heat declared winner basis and awards will be made to the first 3 in age group events in each age group (9yr, 10yr, 11yr, 12yr, 13yr, 14yr plus). Speeding tickets will also be issued for those that swim faster than the qualifying time.

It is also important to remember that sessions can last up to 4 hours so be prepared, relax and let your child enjoy being with their friends.

For both parents and swimmers: Support you fellow Jets swimmers during their races. Even though swimming is an individual sport, we are all members of the Jets team. Team spirit will always help us go faster!

HJSC Hoodie or track suit top
HJSC Track suit trousers/shorts
HJSC T-shirt
HJSC swimming cap plus spare (girls and boys)
2 x towels (one to dry off in between swims)
Goggles (plus spare pair)

Swimming Costume:
– Girls: USA red  or royal blue costume
– Boys: Black jammers with red stripe or black jammers

– 2 x drink bottles (700ml+) water/juice/squash, to keep hydrated throughout the day
– snacks/lunch to keep energy levels up
– complex carbs like rice, pasta, sandwiches or potato salad are ideal
– fruit (bananas) or dried fruit
– (no chocolate or sweets as these will only give short energy bursts and lead to tiredness)