Hounslow Jets Swimming Club

BFLC lane pool temperature


I am writing in response to your concerns, and the concerns of parents of your club, about the temperature of our lane pool at Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre. I was very sorry to hear about members of the Hounslow Jets’ discomfort in the water; Swim Instructors, parents and kids have all expressed similar complaints about how cold it has been recently.

Unfortunately we have had a faulty boiler in the plant room for the last couple of weeks and the lane pool has largely only been heated by one boiler, and this has caused a temperature drop of one or two degrees. We are aware it has been uncomfortable to swim in, and have had a member of maintenance on the case who is working on the faults.

In the meantime, the temperature of the pool has steadily increased since last week, and by our readings today is at a usual 28 degrees celsius.

I apologise on behalf of BFLC for the inconvenience this has caused recently.

Kind Regards,
Arturo Lewis